Saturday, 31 March 2007

Pumpkin in St Kilda

“I’ve been left in St Kilda at sunset, the most romantic time of the day. Alas, I don’t have a date to walk along the pier with. Where can I find a pretty girl to enjoy this romantic sunset with?”

“Hello, my name is Sir P. Hallus. May I have the pleasure of your company for a walk along the St Kilda pier?” asked Sir P. Hallus.

“Errr, ok, sure why not,” replied the girl, “You look like a decent pumpkin.”

“It’s been such a lovely walk along the pier. Hold me up so I can see the beautiful Melbourne skyline,” requested Sir P. Hallus, “Do you fancy a snog?”

“NO! Get away from me! I don’t kiss pumpkins on the first date!”

Later at The Espy...

“So I took this girl for a walk along the pier at sunset and she didn’t want to kiss me. What’s wrong with me?” asked Sir P. Hallus.

“It could be that you’re not human,” replied Jake.

“That’s not very nice. I’m going to ask Dan tomorrow,” said Sir P. Hallus.

“Dan, why do you think my date wouldn’t kiss me last night?” asked Sir P. Hallus.

“I don’t know, but I hope you don't mind me holding you here so I can impress that waitress,” replied Dan.

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